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Com a ultima atualizacao....

Nao está abrindo!!!!

Horrivel - nao baixem

Meu marido tem diabetes e comprei esse app pensando q fosse ajuda-lo no calculo de carboidrato. Varios alimentos nao possuem porcao definida, o app trava... Dinheiro jogado fora!! O "conta calorias" e free e mt mais completo! Pessimo app!


A proposta e boa, mas o aplicativo simplesmente não funciona! Não foi traduzido do português de Portugal, tem uma lista gigantesca de produtos que não acrescentam, a maioria industrializados, e não lista itens básicos como frutas ou alguns outros vegetais. Não perca tempo com este aplicativo!


App mal organizado, o primeiro alimento que procurei não encontrei, mal feito ! Quero reembolso do valor


Imparerete a dimagrire mangiando ;-)

Solid app

Good coverage, good updates, no crashes.

Need to update for iOS 11 please

Current version will not work with iOS 11. Please update


This app is not user friendly. It's like you need to have the exact words to search something or else nothing comes up. Simple items you would expect are not listed ex. Fresh apples and bananas. I hope there is a way to get my money back. This was not worth $3.99!

Eso es todo?

Para el precio que tiene esta aplicación me parece una estafa! El buscador de alimentos te remite a unas combinaciones con nombres como "pescados maltratados con harina" ??? Debo interpretar que tiene serias deficiencias con la traducción y el desarrollo tan simple de la app. Espero la mejoren para no sentir que perdí el dinero


This app is worthless. It does give you the GI of food but the selection of looking things up is very limited. 90% of what I put in this to check to GI for its not in there.

Not worth it

I rarely leave reviews but had to on this one. Doesn't even have common fruits. What a waste.

Me superfacina

Que padre tener una app con esta informacion. Es la mejor y mas practica herramienta para quienes queremos cuidar el valor glucemico en la alimentacion. No tienes que esperar a tener alguna enfermedad para hacerlo.

Not too useful

I used the original version years ago. I don't find this user friendly. Missing most common foods. Why do you have stared favorite foods by default. What's up with that! Glad I didn't pay for this. It would have been a rip off.

Not enough foods

This app is a great idea but there just aren't enough foods listed to make it really healthy.

Adequate but does not have all the foods I eats

Adequate but does not have all the foods that I eat


I just got this app & it's crashing all the time. Help.

Basically mediocre

There's some good info here, but way,way,way too much data that's specific only to the developer. Still, if the next update let us delete his stuff and add our own, this app might be worth it. Of course, it would have to work every time and not on some freakishly random schedule. This app could eventually be five star, but not yet.

Glycemic Index

I am extremely pleased with this program. I am able get off of metfornin by using this program to govern my diet based on low glycemic foods.. I check my blood sugar most days before breakfast and have maintained my blood sugar levels wi,thin the normal range. As ax caution, do this without the guidance of a health.prosional. William Park


Was looking for an app to find glycemic load... This one is useless. The searches don't work and the info is incomplete. Don't waste your $.

Poor Food Selection

Seems designed for those who live on junk food, or don't cook meals from scratch. For example, nothing for plain green peas, but about thirty for prepared meal containing peas, or dried peas, or foods such as "frozen peas and potatoes".

Haven't used it yet

Will soon use it the come back

Some may surprise you...

Great app if you are watching your carb/sugars. I was surprised at the values of many items. Some were higher than I was expecting and some lower. Would be nice if you could search by lowest GI and/or GL.

Love this app!

Great app!

Good, but incomplete

Good info, but the database is missing items one would think would be obvious. For example, raw almonds are not found. This nut is often recommended to those people watching carb intake. The database should be updated since this is not a free database.

Not great

The list is missing allot of basic items. Not as good as I hoped for.

Gi low diet

Just ok! In a way handy.

Very nice!

Love this app as a listing for GI & GL. Could add a tracking feature to be fabulous.


Every time I open it, it is upside down -the ONLY app that has ever done that on my iPad. Wish the list of foods was more comprehensive

Great App

The app is very useful - good info to have at your fingertips. I use it all the time.


I really like this App, it helps me keep my carbs under control,Great App.!!!!!


Very useful, keeps getting better with every new veraion

Good app

Pretty comprehensive list of food. However, some of the food only has glycemic index but not glycemic load which is a very important factor. Overall, it is a good app.

Rocket man

Helps some, but does not always work properly.

Great help!

I like the ease of use and the simplicity!


I was using this app with no problems until the last update. It is almost unusable now. I noticed on blueberries you have a GL of 22 when in reality it is around 6. That's pretty far off.Mary

Very confusing

I enter potato and get a million weird dishes containing potatoes; way down the list are potatoes but no indication about prep - grilled, boiled, baked - many very common foods are not even on here!!! Great idea and somewhat helpful, I like the Glycemic Load as well as Glycemic index. Needs a lot of improvement, mainly organization. Please improve, we need this service

Whose favorites?

I deleted this app because it comes with a huge list of "favorites" that aren't my favorites. Too labor intensive to delete individually.


Would like more foods listed, brands etc. ie Lara bars. But helpful for sure!

What Happened?

I was using this app several times a day until the last update. It is unusable and comes up with irrelevant results in search. The interface has been made more complex and confusing. I tried to contact the developer directly through the app, but could find a way to do it. I'm giving it 2 stars just because it used to be helpful.

Good for what it is

This app is good for looking up foods. However, if you really want to incorporate a low GI diet, a GI daily tracker is a must. The GI tracker gives you daily totals of proteins, fats,calories and the glycemic load. I use both!

Only one issue...

I like this application. It shows a simple, straightforward report on many foods, suitable for a quick check while shopping. My only grumble is that the app came with several dozen "favorite" foods pre-defined and it took time to go through and manually delete all the favorites that are not MY favorites...on each device where I have installed the app. A few as an example would be better than dozens and dozens.

Save your money

Very confusing and often self-contradictory. Very poor search engine; many very common foods are absent while many obscure brand-name items are listed....I strongly suspect paid placement.

Confusing, misleading garbage.

Go online for free charts/ indexes. This is garbage. No explanation of drugs/ ingredients used to lower the GI score of foods- ex: addition of vinegar or acarbose to high GI foods. I am a pharmacist doctor. I understand these things, but just looking for a quick ref. Shame on me for not reading the reviews.

Not worth it

Too many inconsistencies and incomplete entries. Where is plain old chicken breast? Not worth your money!

Seems inconsistent

Data seems inconsistent...needs to be reviewed... Ex baked salmon & other types.....


Pretty good, search engine needs a little tweaking.

Great App

Very helpful and easy to use

Solid app

Good coverage, good updates, no crashes.

G, I wish there were more

foods listed. It is very difficult to plan a meal when many ingredients are missing OR when the food choices are not varied. A good start; but requires more detail and diversity.

Read reviews before you buy

Doesn't have GL for a lot of food and it seems some of the info is wrong. Which I'd read the reviews first.


Excellent app

Good idea, poor execution

There are really too many inconsistencies in the data to make this app useful. A plain banana, for example, appears multiple times, and as both a high and low glycemic index food choice. It would be useful, if it were edited carefully, but currently it seems to be a mishmash of data from many conflicting sources.

Completely inaccurate

The GI numbers are totally wrong. Cornflakes are at about 84, which this app complete misrepresents. Don't waste your money.


Great app!

Nice database but categories make no sense

There are a lot of foods in the database, which is the good thing. However, the broad categories are nonsensical. Amaranth is a high gi food, while amaranth and wheat are low gi? Also, tacos with lettuce, meat and cheese are low gi, but tacos or tostadas with lettuce, meat and cheese are high. This app needs work.

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