A Low GI Diet - Glycemic Index Search App Reviews

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bug in french

do not work in french on 3GS ios 4.2

Great application

I like this application very much

Excellent & Handy

Eating a low GI diet is recognized by health pros as a great way of sensibly managing your weight for the long haul and this is a super handy tool to help keep you on track at home or when eating away from the place where you can most easily control your eating.

How did they find the values?

It isnt explained anywhere how they came up with the GI values of full meals, eg Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. This makes me feel its just a very rough guide based on estimates. Quite an expensive ap too, I would be happier with it for 1.99.

Chocolate chip cookies are low GI?? I dont think so.

Thats just the first of many questionable items in this database. Details that would clarify items are lacking in many areas (salsa is not clarified as not having any added sugar, as many types do). Search results (as an example) for noodles brings up prepared dishes first rather than noodle types. Does not recognize plural items (such as yams, you must enter yam...frustrating). Ive got my fingers crossed for a really good update soon on this app or Ill be deleting it.

Not user friendly

Should be able to go straight to product instead of searching for it. You have to scroll thru the whole alphabet to get to the Ss for example. No "Rolodex " like feature Should be able to delete foods you dont eat Someone needs to put out a great GI program as alot of people are now following this lifestyle.


This application is hopelessly underdeveloped and virtually impossible to use. Frankly, it does not even deserve to be a free app, since the few functions it has dont work properly.

good app for the purpose

I quite like this one. As pointed out in some other reviews some things seem to be a bit low. The only real problem is that search is really the only way to navigate. I would prefer to used the bottom of the screen buttons to allow some sort of category browsing and/or jump to a letter.


I must admit some of the food items GI loads surprised me. That said how does anyone confirm the GI index or load of these or any foods for that matter. If indeed the stated values are correct then app is handy and user friendly once you get use to it.

Yes cookies can be low GI

Been using this app 2+ years . Have read GI books and Im diabetic. When I check my blood sugar after I eat ,the results reflect the app. The high potato index is true ,only eat them on holidays .


For anyone doing the Low GI diet this is a good app to help you pick good quality food choices.

Good but no carbs on some things

I had originally sent a bad review because I couldnt find bananas but I had the search settings wrong....my bad. However the only other criticism I have is that not all items show carbs and therefore cannot show carb load which is an important part of figuring out my insulin pump (square wave settings). Otherwise good app. It helps.

very useful

This is great to have on grocery trips & my health reflects it. Many thanks


Functionality not quite what it should be. GI load also questionable on a lot if items.

Has potential

This app would be so helpful if only I trusted the g.I. And g.L listings. Please work on accuracy.

Love it!

This is a very helpful app for those doing the Low GI diet. Some foods are missing, but most of them are there!


This is by far the worst app I have ever purchased! Its totally inaccurate and unreliable and should be permanently removed from the App Store. Live and learn.

Basic knowledge

It is like a map to guide you and give you knowledge. Great for everyday foods you find off the shelves. It has limited and does not give you much of any ethnic foods or foods you would eat at ethnic restaurants.

Im hypoglycemic.

Very convenient. Great for grocery shopping and just before meals.


This is completely over priced and a piece of crap. Please give me my money back!!!!!!!!!!

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